Beverly Zajac-Larsen - FIne Art & Graphic Design
Beverly Zajac Larsen - Oil and Acrylic Fine Artist - Check Out My Music Here!
Artist Statement:

“Light breathes life into a painting. Darkness feedslight. Therefore, there can never be light with out dark. The simplicity of this rule is what I strive for in my paintings. My paintings are life around me and the light that brings them to life."


The hunt is on. The bait has been set. The unleashed shadows begin their dance in undertones of rich browns and velvet blues. The coveted prize takes notice. Curiosity now controls its every movement.

As it draws nearer to its desire, it takes on more and more intensity and life. Just before it slips into the pool of darkness, I must grab it!

Beverly Zajac-Larsen has been painting and creating for as long as she can remember. Capturing light has been her quest in painting for many years. She wears may many hats in her life; graphic designer, handbag designer, musician, coffeehouse producer, mom, wife, the list goes on... but the one hat that never comes off is “Artist”. Beverly grew up in Allen Park, Mi and now lives in Highland, Mi, with her husband, Doug and 2 children, Jes- sica and Chuck. She is a member of the Village Fine Art Association and the Huron Valley Council for the Arts. She studied fine art at Henry Ford Community College, Wayne County Community College and earned her As- sociates in Graphic Art & Design from Oakland Community College. She has taught at Huron Valley Continu- ous Education, HVCA and co-produced and assisted in art programs for Apollo Elementary School, Milford High and Lakeland High School.

Beverly is a painter who started in oils, switched to acrylics and now is back painting in oils again. She has developed a style and technique that is very representational yet inspirational. Some of her works can be described as photorealistic. She loves to find inspiration in the simple things around her but also paints from her photos of her travels. Florals, still- life and landscapes are what she is focusing on right now. Her paintings have scaled from small 8 X 10’s to large murals, some of which you can see locally at Colasanti’s in Highland, MI.

Some of Beverly’s fine art awards include:

First Place Non Professional
“Self Portrait”

Detroit Ethnic Festival, Hart Plaza
1st Place

“Hickory’s Ridge”,
Views & Visions Art Show, VFAA
Best in Show

View & Visions Art Show, VFAA
Honorable Mention